I caught the boys red handed! The one’s who’ve been throwing poo bags at cars in Westcliff area of Ramsgate…

As some of them have been seen joyously reveling in their mess, I already knew who they were.

But then Saturday evening I caught three of them in in the act, in my street.

Throwing bags of poo at vehicles seems to be the must do hobby of these youngsters. They are about 12 years of age and I’m told by someone else, who also knows them, that they are students at http://www.sandwich-tech.kent.sch.uk/.

Finding a bag of poo stuck to your windscreen or your door is certainly unpleasant

But what is worse?

Thinking about youngsters picking up these bags off the street to entertain themselves?


People who own and walk dogs and leave these delightful packages around our streets for the amusement of others?

In case you are wondering, I spoke to the boys. An apology was forthcoming from one but the others ran off, I do hope that was because they felt ashamed and hoped I wouldn’t be approaching their parents.

Lets hope they don’t do it again but if your vehicle is also subject to this sort of treatment please leave a message below, I can put you in touch with the boys.

And if you happen to have young kids of the age I am describing and live near me then perhaps it was your boys.

Warning ! This post refers to a naked women and artist Milo Moire. With links but contains no pictures!

Perhaps Turner Contemporary in Margate should consider Swiss Artist Milo Moire for the future. She is making big news simply because she was naked in an Art Gallery.


The artist as a living sculpture is not original and I immediately thought of Gilbert & George (whose work also stirs up controversy).

I was very impressed by the same artist using her Vagina, in a way that reminded me of a couple of other Artists, Jackson Pollock, obviously, and Yves Klein (remember the naked ladies covered in blue paint who then rolled on paper.

You can see the Vagina creations in progress, thanks to You Tube, for now, but I guess it will be banned by the censors at google soon because of nudity.


Is it Art? It is totally in the art tradition so I say: YES.

As for its artistic merit, there are many great artists in many field who will remain undiscovered. Marketing so vital to success. Stirring up controversy such that you get FREE International publicity is brilliant marketing. Well done Milo Moire.

I am wondering is she has a blogger account?…

I am tempted to vote for the person with the best policy on tackling the dog poo problem in Thanet.

Dog owners,

Please do not leave your bags of poo in my street. Is this too much to ask?

What kind of world do you live in that you think it acceptable to pick up poo, put it in a bog and then leave it outside someone’s home, forever.

It just might be better if you didn’t bother to bag it. Natural elements, rain, children’s shoes and pushchairs, will disperse of it a little faster than the non-biodegradable bag in which it festers.

It might be nice if the old-enough-to-know-better kids didn’t play with those bags of poo, throwing them around the street too, how disgusting.

A neighbour in my street has told me she will be standing for the conservative party. as she is proud of her politics so i am proud of mine, I hastily replied, I will not be voting for her. Even faster I added that I will not be voting UKIP either, I wouldn’t want anyone to think that.

I haven’t blogged much for a while so I’m bubbling over with things to say and with election time coming up it may be time to get a few things off my chest.

E.g. Completely irrelevant to the election but I am VERY NOT pleased by the decision of google-blogger to suddenly ban nudity on their blogs. But I’ll save a rant about that for another time, because i could write a book on that one.


Lovely drop of wine to be had in Addington Street


The Queen Charlotte

57 Addington St, Ramsgate http://www.qckitchen.co.uk


Water Bill With a Meter is Costing a Fortune

When I say much higher I mean more than twice as much. Our first bill based on actual water usage has arrived. It was exactly the amount I expected as I did the maths last year and blogged about here (around April time).
Based on my usage my annual water bill will be over £1,300 and I am told that is NOT on the high side at all, it is about average for a household of 5 people according to the nice man I spoke to at the water bill company. And other people online with families around the country had confirmed bills at over £1,000 per year.

The water meter winners are people who live alone or couples. People with children (like us) can expect to pay loads more for this essential utility.

What Can I Do To Cut THe Water Bill?
I think I had already taken all reasonable steps:

  • modern toilets that use less water;
  • Changing my shower head to low flow (this definitely saves us about £300);
  • super efficient big drum & low water usage Bosch washing machine;
  • super efficient 10 litres per wash dishwasher and I now wash everything in it, it goes on twice a day;
  • And being a slovenly housewife I don’t fill buckets and bowls to clean the house, I never did that anyway.

Of course the one thing that I can do that will make the biggest difference is get rid of those other people living in my house. So if you know anyone who wants a kids, individually or as a group send them my way. Oh yes, husband available too, to good home.

As soon as I looked at it I called the number on the bill to apply for the special tariff that will reduce the actual bill for the next two years because my new metered water bill is much higher than what I would have been paying under the old system.

Comedy night charity fund raiser in Margate

Tomorrow, Friday 5th. I will be there and I don’t get out much.


LoL at Comedy Night in Margate 5th December 2014

At Bernie’s Chocolate Box there will be a fundraising benefit bring your own booze night.  Book online here:


Or Book in advance and collect tickets from the shop.

Details are here:photo (2)






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