Gas Safety Week 2014 – new short film from the Gas Safe Register

Vegan cakes through the post

Just received some cakes from Vegan Cakes Direct, for the twins’ birthdays.  They smell delicious!  Unfortunately the beautiful top decorations did stick a little to the packaging whilst in transit but not beyond salvation.

I am trying to remember how to insert a photo in this blog – I’m a bit out of practice – you can see a photo here on twitter

Broadstairs – Can anyone tell me?

About the lift to the beach (near the bandstand) what time it starts in the morning?
Thank you xx

Advertising boards suddenly appear on the London Road, Ramsgate

Someone has planted an advertising board along the London Road, in the grass verge.  At a glance you might think that is an Estate Agent board, in the wrong place and causing a potential hazard,

The board actually names a local flat roof repair company called Meridian.

I can’t imagine what sort of joke it was placing it there – it is, of course, totally illegal.

IF Meridian work on your roof they can place a temporary advertising board outside your property whilst they are on site.  At any other time to displace an advertising board outside your home, without planning permission, is illegal according to

The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) Regulations 1992

No home improvement company can ask you to display an advert – not even in your garden or  in your window because ALL such advertising is against the rules.  Thank goodness.

What a mess Google street view would look if we all put our advertising boards everywhere….

YOU may be reading this and wondering about….

  • Estate Agents – they are the exception and I am sure they know the rules.
  • Political campaigning in the run up to an election is also an exception.

What to do.

I hope someone just goes and removes it.

When they are on private property you could talk to the property owner or simply report the address to the Planning Department of Thanet District Council.

Meryl O’Rourke ~ not to be watched by people who do not think women are funny

Someone recommended this female comedienne to me – they know how my mind works

I thought she was very funny.

Would you Interview someone who contacted you like this

I know it must be annoying for people looking for work when they hear no reply.  We get too many unsolicited enquires to be replying to everyone.  I don’t think I will make special exception for the person who sent us this email:

“Hello I am just enquiring to see if you have any apprenticeship vacancies available to start as soon as possible, I have heard a lot of good things about your company and I would love to be part of that, I am very interested in the plumbing sector and always have been I am Available for a trial and a interview as soon as possible also a CV can be sent if needed. I can either be contacted through this email address or my mobile number xxxxxx

Posted from my iPhone”

That was it. No name, no information, no separate paragraphs.  I’d quite like to see a better attempt at punctuation too.  I guess this sort of communication passes for acceptable among the youth who have grown up in the TexT message age.

I would not know where to begin but the honest answer is If this is the best you can I doubt if plumbing is the right career for you.

Which? consumer magazine now checks out plumbers

The which trusted trader scheme is still just a baby, less than one year old.  This week they launch radio ads to advertise the scheme, to let the public know that Which? endorsed business are scrutinised.

They say approved businesses are “not rated” and “not checked” they are “assessed and then endorsed.”

Here is the ad that explains it


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