Get out and talk to people (& listen too)

Thanet Speakers club meet twice a month in Ramsgate. It is exactly the sort of evening out that appeals to me.

Limiting the amount of small talk, totally structured, not dominated by one or two people (you know those over bearing types who have the false impression that they are the life of the party and it would all be too quiet and boring with out them, but really everyone is pleased when they don’t turn up – well none of that at TSC).

Everyone has a chance to get up and speak at some point (but you don’t have to). A few people will deliver entertaining, informative and interesting speeches that they have prepared in advance.

People arrive at about 7.40 so that the “meeting” can start at 8pm prompt and it all ends shortly after 10pm.

If that appeals to you to Thanet Speakers Club meet on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month in Ramsgate, it is free to attend the first few sessions, as a guest and the next meeting will have a “light bulb moment” theme next Thursday – 24th April at the Royal Temple Yatch Club, cliff street CT11 9HY.

Poo The Musical by Helen Bang!

If there ever should be a production in Kent of this show about the environmental blight that is caused by dog poo please let me know. I would love to see this.

Teachers – it is perfect for children to perform and has won awards, I believe.

have you seen the towel dance?

watch it here.

My mum told me about this.
Well done mum.
Perhaps it was my reward for recommending to her the excellent Kindle book:

Four Florins

BTW it is reduced to £0.99p for a couple of days.

new CO website

Some days I put the coffee in the fridge, the rubbish in the laundry basket and throw the cutlery into the brown slop bin along with the remains of wasted food.

Yesterday I did the online equivalent with my thoughts, I posted them here totally by accident.  Lucky my thoughts at the time were not focused on my Hunks calendar. Now I’m blushing recalling to mind the thoughts involving that calendar.

Moving hastily on. I am working on a website about Carbon Monoxide.  It is far from finished, it looks nothing like I have in mind but what is good on it so far is that I have pulled together some of the best educational films from You Tube and other places.  I’ve got them scattered over 3 pages of films at the moment.

I mentioned it in yesterdays accidental blog (now deleted) but if you want to see it it is here: 

How I chose the team who created our new websites – rjnmedia

Our website was only 3 or 4 years old but it was looking very dated and, most importantly, it did not work on iPads.  Some 30% of people have their eyes on i devices so they won’t be impressed with words scattered everywhere.  It was as if we were absent that day at school when the teacher said start your writing next to the left hand margin.

Between Mr Tara Plumbing and I we knew a long list of computer-clever people who could develop a site for us and we were very tempted to choose some one local – for all the usual and obvious reasons that it is good to support local economy and be able to travel a short distance for Face to Face communication.

I chose Richard, however, because he is

  • highly recommended by a number of people;
  •  doing that very thing (web design) for at least 10 years for the people who recommended him to me;
  • that is what he does full time to make a living.

By strange coincidence the same list I recommend as a starting point if you were going to look for a plumber or builder!  Mr TP sees so many disasters or half finished jobs created by people who thought they’d have a go or employ someone who just does a bit of plumbing at weekends in their spare time!

I didn’t want a problem I wanted to know that our web-designer knew how it all works and choosing someone who does that sort of thing full time for a living mades sense to me.  Actually Richard has been doing web design for about 20 years and here is his site,

What I really like about the new plumbing and heating websites are that I can put writing, images and film clips in, just like I can on this blog – I’m really pleased with the new sites though I still have some work to do on some of the content.

taraplumbing is here

and taraheating is here

Feel free to let me know what you think…

Tony Benn RIP – Role Model & Great Man

If ever there was a life to celebrate his is one of them.  He was a very entertaining speaker – we can’t all be good at that. 

I find him an inspiration – speak up and defend your point of view, even when it is not popular.  It is not easy to say things that are not popular or may even be controversial.

He is a great role model because he would speak out on what was right.  The world is a better place because of the contribution of people like him, people who don’t simply go along with their crowd.


TV licence

I see there is a proposal to make none payment of the TV licence a civil matter rather than a criminal offence. I have never objected to the TV licence, because if I listen to the radio it is almost always a BBC station (usually R4) and I would say I watch BBC TV channels more than any other.

For me the most curious thing is the number of people who say the BBC output is awful and they prefer to watch something else.  My mind boggles, what are they watching?

OK I do like some things on other channels (modern Family on Sky, for example and Big Bang Theory on ITV) but if I could only have access to 2 on the TV they would be BBC.

I suspect there is a valid case for raising funds in a more efficient way.  As almost everyone has a TV it would probably be cheaper to raise the funds from general taxation, or perhaps from a tax on new TV equipment.

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