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He’s a great actor. Perfect Arthur Dent and Bilbo.

Greening Margate Central


There are some excellent candidates for the council elections in May. I think rather than looking at parties, it is important to look for local people with integrity, commitment and shared values. I’d certainly consider voting for Green Councillors, such as Targett in Margate.

Originally posted on Targett for Thanet North:


I’m really pleased to announce that I am standing for Margate Central ward, where I live, in the upcoming Thanet District Council elections.

I’m in great company, standing alongside businesswoman and campaigner Louise Oldfield—both of us representing the Green Party.

I think it’s abundantly clear that TDC needs an injection of new blood. And your support could allow us to become the first elected Green councillors on Thanet District Council; a genuinely achievable target.

There are too many reasons to count why I’m standing.

But in short I want to be proud to take my children down a clean and lively High Street full of flowers as they grow up; to play on beaches that don’t face the risk of raw sewage being discharged onto them.

I want the council to be transparent and supportive of new businesses and engaged with community groups. And I’d love to see it showcase…

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Craig Mackinlay. That’s his name

I can’t seem to ever remember this name, the Tory candidate in the forthcoming election.

Anyway he answered my question, Why did you leave UKIP?

Well it wasn’t because I asked it in a recent blog, but he does answer it in a letter printed in Thanet Extra this week. It really makes yet another case for not voting UKip, albeit from a different perspect to me and from the point of view of someone who was very involved in Ukip for many years – I’ll insert a link here if I can find it on the www.

I would urge those thinking of voting for NF to read that letter and consider voting Red or Blue instead. Even though I will not be voting Conservative I can think of a lot of reasons why I’d rather have a Tory MP than NF of UKIP.

Both the Tory and the Labour candidates are local people with good experience, they would represent Thanet’s interests and be based here in our constituency where they have roots and friends.

Farage is not local and as for his political record, it is shameful. He was elected to represent British interests in the European Parliament but along with most UKIP MEPs most of the time they can’t be bothered to turn up, do the work, or vote. They’d be sacked if it was any other job. Farage is a joke candidate, a single issue party, and I’d be embarrassed to admit I lived somewhere that could possibly elect him.

Who Would You Bet on to Win South Thanet in 2015 general election?

If I were a gambler I’d be putting my money on the young Will Scobie. In fact, I might take up gambling because if he wins the pay out will be good.


Following my recent blog where I said it seems a close thing between Tory & Labour but labour are more likely to win based on what I’ve seen of the evidence: opinion polls and past election results some people have kindly sent me other evidence. Thank you.

Bookmakers put Farage in the lead. He is almost guaranteed to win S Thanet, there is not much point in even bothering to think about it! They say there is (approx) a 75% chance N.F. (Nigel Farage not National Front) will win this seat.

There was also a poll published in February, gain NF has a clear lead. http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/2015/02/nigel-farage-now-polling-first-place-in-south-thanet/

And another prediction: http://www.thehustings.co.uk/prediction-by-seat/

There are differences.

The bookmakers put Tories in second place with labour trailing far behind. So a good pay out for those who gamble on our Labour candidate, if he wins. Perhaps that is because labour were badly defeated locally in recent elections. If Lara Sandys (current Tory MP) was contesting this seat she may well win as she has been a popular MP active on local issues. But she is standing down and the Tory candidate seems like a weak link. What is his name? I can’t remember? Would you recognise him if you saw him in the street? I do know he was a founder of UKIP and very active in that organisation for years. I’d like to know why he left UKIP and joined the Conservatives.

Back to the polls.

Betting odds put labour in third place with almost no chance of winning. If you were a gambler you might as well back a Pub landlord as put money on labour! But the recent poll (the one with NF in the lead) has labour in second, but it is a close thing between labour and Tory (as it mostly is in this marginal seat). Last week I linked to a poll last year that also put labour in the lead with Tories second and UKIP third in S Thanet. Interestingly, that research also investigated where votes would go if UKIP weren’t in the election.

Back to the subject of tactical voting. If you think NF is the son of satan or similar and you want to keep him out at all costs then if you believe the opinion polls you would vote labour. If you  believe bookmakers you will vote conservative.

Personally, I find it very hard to believe that Farage has such support here. It doesn’t at all match my experience of living here and interacting with local people. I’d be very surprised if he won the S Thanet seat. I think it could go to Labour or Conservative. If you only want to vote tactically you will vote for which of these you think most likely to win. I believe that is Will Scobie, Labour based on the opinion polls and local knowledge.

But it is and always has been a close call between red and blue here.

I’m not independent. I’ve voted labour at every election. I could be tempted by the Greens or an Independent. Ian Driver would make a great local back bench MP. At this election I think it is important to vote for a candidate who could/will win. So I will be voting for Will Scobie (sorry Ian).

This blog follows from one I wrote last week http://mrstaraplumbing.com/2015/03/22/voting-tactically-to-keep-farage-out-of-south-thanet/


This is not Tara Plumbing family policy. Mr TP has always voted for a different party to me at every election and we have different opinions on many things including Europe, however, I don’t think he will mind me telling you he will also not be voting for UKIP.

Regular readers will know I like to be light and funny in my blogs, but they haven’t been lately.

Perhaps in a future blog I might tell you why WE think having a UKIP MP would be such a disaster, regardless of whether your politics tend towards the red, green or blue.

Voting Tactically to keep Farage out of South Thanet.

This was an issue raised by someone at the meeting last week where we saw the highly entertaining documentary of the rise of UKIP in Thanet.

With a general election only weeks away I’m not thinking about our council, though I do need to give that some thought. But on a MP constituency level the logical voting choice to keep Farage out of South Thanet is a vote for Labour, Scobie.

Nationally in the polls labour and Tory seem to be neck and neck, well OK, labour might be slightly ahead. South Thanet is very much a marginal.

If we look at a poll last year it would seem that Labour have by far the best chance of winning with UKIP & Tories fighting over second and third place. http://survation.com/new-constituency-polling-in-south-thanet/  If these results are true then defecting from labour to vote Tory or Green or for any pub landlord could only help UKIP.

Are there any other polls for S Thanet?

This is how we voted in the past: http://ukpollingreport.co.uk/2015guide/thanetsouth/

Also see my blog: http://mrstaraplumbing.com/2015/03/25/who-would-you-bet-on-to-win-south-thanet-in-2015-general-election/

As for the question, Why would Farage make a terrible MP?

Well obviously I don’t agree with manu if any of his views. He has made it clear he will not actually represent Thanet but simply his own party. Then there is his actual track record. If has proved not fit to represent the British interest at all when he has the chance: http://mrstaraplumbing.com/2015/03/18/the-european-parliament-scandal-would-nigel-farage-be-a-good-mp-for-south-thanet/


No surprise as another Kent Ukip MEP implicated in yet another finance scandal

Only the other day  I was high lighting the shocking way our elected UKip representatives behave in the European Parliament.

And then another of those very MEPs is associated with another financial scandal.

We know their party is all about Patriotism. It seems they use that as the excuse for everything.

“The idea is we overcharge them slightly, because that’s the way we repatriate it.”

More here on the MEPs of  Kent: Janice Atkinson http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-kent-31976343


Nigel Farage:


I love my country and you know who I’m not voting for.

The European Parliament Scandal. Would Nigel Farage be a Good MP for South Thanet?

Let’s check on his record.

As our MEP he sat on the Fisheries committee for 3 years but attended only 1 out of 42 meetings in that time and his deputy, Paul Nuttall, attended 2 out of 56 environment committee meetings according to the Financial Times.

Did he he still claimed his pay and expenses as an MEP despite not doing the job? MEPs are paid  the equivalent of €96,000 annually – plus other benefits (detailed here Euronews).

If he wasn’t going to bother representing Britian’s best interests in Europe why didn’t he stand down and let others actually turn up and vote for British interests in Europe?

Farage has the 10th worst attendance record at the European Parliament out of all 766 MEPs.

Farage has taken part in just 42.97% of votes according to Euronews.

This doesn’t bode well. If a prospective employee asked you for a job would you give him the job if you knew that was his work record? He has failed us time and time again in the job he was elected to do, i.e, represent us in the European Parliament, so why even consider electing Farage to represent us again, anywhere? In what other work place would this sort of behaviour be acceptable?

I’d be tempted to give the job to an Eastern European with a better work ethic! Sorry I couldn’t resist the joke!

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