Boiler Not Working – Who Shall I Call?

Anyone who works on your boiler must be a Gas Safe Registered engineer.

First point of contact is the person who usually services your boiler, or who installed it if that was within the last year or so.

If it suddenly stops working after a the first freezing cold night try watching this film about frozen condense line – this you may be able to sort out yourself….

Failing that contact the manufacturer or Heating Engineers recommended by them:

For Worcester Bosch -

Baxi, Potterton, Main, Remeha and others…


People often call our number and tell me that they don’t want to call the manufacturer because they are expensive.  Ok getting your boiler repaired is expensive, I can agree with you there. BUT a local heating engineer might not be cheaper and could well work out far more expensive depending on what parts are required.

It is the cost of parts that is expensive and when you call the manufacture they can offer you various deals such as a fixed price regardless of how many parts are used and 12 month warranty for parts and labour….or even 12 months cover against further breakdowns.


Do check exactly what you get for your money, what different deals they are offering and expect to pay about £300.

£300! Surely it is cheaper to call Tara Plumbing or a Local Heating Engineer.

It might be and it might not.  this week we replaced a faulty part in a boiler.  The part alone cost almost £200 then we need to cover our costs. So yes the customer did pay considerably less than £300.

But if we had to replace two expensive parts it could easily have cost more.  And, if we go back to that boiler and replace other parts within the next 12 months then the customer may have been better off buying full cover from the manufacturer.

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